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Price: R 1200

What's Included

1. All the graphics displayed and html code for your website.

2. Complete free installation of the graphics and template to your website.
3. Opening page (home) with product entry supplied by you (ie the content, maximum 300 words and 2 images)
4. Contact page with a form which customers can submit online to your email
5. An empty style sheet for each additional page you require. You will then load and update your content by logging into your control panel as and when needed. (If you don't want to maintain your website or load your content yourself, we can do it for you at a very reasonable price! Click here for our pricelist.)
6. Favicon (That little picture before your domain name in the address bar)
7. XML and HTML Sitemaps
8. Photo frame which you can use for your photos.

What's Not Included

1. Maintenance of the website, ie: product entry. The webhosts supporting CMS make it easy for you to do.
2. Changes to existing graphics. Some changes can be made, but additional fees may apply.
3. Hosting of your website, e-commerce software and domain name.
What You Will Need

1. A domain name
2. Webhosting with a compatible host supporting CMS - Content Management System.
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