Custom website design from Lavender Moon varies in price from usually R 3000 - R 6000 at this time depending on the complexity of the project. Pricing breaks down as follows...

  • Custom website template for your business which includes up to 5 revisions of the first proof.
  • I will load the following pages and products on your website, hosted by your webhost who must support CMS - Content Management System:
    • Intro page - if applicable
    • Opening page (home) with product entry supplied by you (ie the content)
    • Contact page with a form which customers can submit online to your email
    • An empty style sheet for each additional page you require. You will then load and update your content by logging into your control panel as and when needed. (If you don't want to maintain your website or load your content yourself, we can do it for you at a very reasonable price! Click here for our pricelist.)
    • Favicon (That little picture before your domain name in the address bar)
    • XML and HTML Sitemaps

Sites with complicated and numerous designs as well as sites with more involved flash animation can be more than what is quoted above, because of the extra work involved.

Custom site design includes a website design created for your business by Lavender Moon Design according to your specifications. Once the site design is approved by you, you have 15 days after that to ask for additional changes to the design. After that time period, my hourly rate of R 250 ph will apply to any changes made to the site design.

An initial payment of R 2000 is required up front before I will begin a custom project and any remaining fees will be due before your site design is installed.

I do ask that when explaining what you are looking for in a site design that you send me as many ideas as you can.....colours, themes, images, fonts, etc. Links to other sites that you like is also something that will help. Obviously I can't duplicate another site design, but it will help give me an idea of what sort of "feel" you're going for.