Establishment of online presence.
This requires the template integrating the basic layout, website theme, background, colour scheme, buttons, etc.
As per individual template
Additional Website pages with product entry, not included in template (300 words maximum and 2 images per page)
R 250 per page
Scanning of your images for use on website
R 50 per image
'Search Your Site' - search engine for items in your site (recommended for large sites)
R 500
Banner adds
R 200 each
Optimise Company Logo
R 50 per logo
Design of new Company Logo
R 500
Photos (including thumbnails) digitising, re-sampling and optimising of photos/pictures
R 50 each
Photo Album (up to 12 photos)
R 300 per album
Submission to Search Engines
R 300 per hour
Additional Mail-back Forms
R 200 each
Java Scripts (depending on complexity)
R 50 - R 200 per script
Shopping Cart
R 500
Guest Book/Bulletin Board/Chat Room/ Forum (depending on complexity)
R 300 - R 1500 per item
Secure Login - restricting access to site with a password
R 300
Website updates as requested
R 250 per hour